About me, I guess…

I am a Structural Engineer. I am technically oriented. I attempt writing and find myself penning riddles in base 10. Most of my jokes are in binary. I like coffee and drink too much of it. I also like cigars. Coffee and cigars generally go well together. Too much of either is rarely good. I am drinking coffee right now.

Oh, I take an occasional photograph or two – you may have noticed them strewn about the site.

Thanks for reading.


5 Responses to “About me, I guess…”

  1. I’m a retired EE Engr love cigars and coffee and used to tell the bride “the next best thing to a fine woman is a good cuban cigar”. She has absolutely no sense of humor.

    • Hey Edmund, what do you smoke? I am smoke stuff all over the board with many of Pepin’s cigars holding a special place in my humidor. Those cigars of far off lands you mention are also a favorite, Partagas line especially.

  2. Great photos on your blog. You have some great techniques and a good eye. Good luck.

  3. I noticed that most of your photos tell stories. They take a slice of life and say something. Its a great technique to have; I wish I could develop it.

    • That is a wonderful compliment, thank you. I do try to tell a short story in each photo and I am glad you noticed.

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