259 of 365 for 2009 – Stress Free

10 years go a $10k DSLR might be able to take this shot, now it fits in your pocket and you can also use it to order a pizza. What a world.


~ by Ted R on October 5, 2009.

7 Responses to “259 of 365 for 2009 – Stress Free”

  1. Love the setting, composition, colors and especially the lighting. Well, did you catch any salmon?

    When you speak of iPhone, that everyone should get one . . . wouldn’t any camera phone be just as good?

    • Any camera is better than no camera. In the cell phone camera market the iPhone is in a league of its own though. You can use the touch screen to focus, adjust white balance and exposure. Not many other cell phone cameras do that. This gives you lots of creative control but still within the boundaries of a very small form factor, boundaries I’ve found enhance creativity.

      So, shoot with what you got, but if an iPhone is in your budget, it is almost worth the price for just the still photo and video taking abilities alone, not to mention all the other cool stuff it can do.

  2. That definitely takes the stress out of my world! Wow, so gorgeous! You captured this moment brilliantly!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful shot!

  4. These photos using your iPhone have been really neat. I had no idea it had so much capability. Great photos!

  5. Beautiful shot – the colors are lovely. Are they paying you to hawk the I-Phone yet? LOL – they should be! It’s not the cost of the I-Phone that scares me – it’s the monthly fee to stay connected.

  6. Gorgeous colors. Nice shot.

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