173 of 365 for 2009 – How About This Weather?

How About This Weather?

Wearing a winter coat in late June!


~ by Ted R on June 26, 2009.

8 Responses to “173 of 365 for 2009 – How About This Weather?”

  1. What is with this weather? In New England we’re still soggy from a month of rain.

  2. Great take on the theme, love you perspective here!

  3. Which is the middle of winter for civilized people, I might add, what’s strange about that, wish you would get your American weather sorted out, that is two golf tournaments delayed by rain in 2 weeks.

    • Our weather has been pretty good actually, I just happened to catch my son wondering around with his coat on, it was 55 degrees, hardly coat weather. The east coast of the US has been getting some pretty wacky weather.

  4. I was wondering how you could complain about this weather. Nice light and tone in this.

  5. Love the simplicity and muted tones…..

  6. Spokane has had lots of cooler days and lots of rain this year so far – or so my daughter reports. I’ll trade you a couple of 104 days of Arkansas weather for your cooler weather. I remember back in the 60 when Seattle had a summer without summer. Forgot to mention on my post on your waterfall . . . You still haven’t been to Snoqualmie Falls yet. How come? I’d love to see some photos of it in the spring when it is at its full runoff.

  7. Creative shot! I like the tones and the softness, along with the neat crop…

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