163 of 365 for 2009 – Crossroads


Congratulations Little sis!


~ by Ted R on June 14, 2009.

8 Responses to “163 of 365 for 2009 – Crossroads”

  1. Congrats from me too! What an awesome use of selective coloring – definitely pulls your sis from the crowd! Look at that smile, it says a thousand words! Nice one!

  2. Perfect use of selective coloring. Congratulations from me too. 😀 /Viktoria – http://morrdrakens365.wordpress.com/

  3. Terrific take on something that is a Big Deal, we of the great unwashed (and Unedukated) salute you.

  4. Tammy said it all – your processing is super! It’s such a perfect way to highlight her in that crowd and her smile says it all.

  5. Thanks big brother and commenters! What a fantastic photographer. I will recommend you to graduates everywhere!

  6. This is a fabulous use of selective coloring!!! She’s going to love this shot!

  7. So perfect a use of the effect on a fine shot. Congrats all round!

  8. Wonderful event and fabulous photo. Love the selective coloring.

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