145 of 365 for 2009 – Metallic


Our local AAA baseball team, the Tacoma Rainiers, has a fireworks show after every Friday night home game. It is a pretty good show given that tickets for these games cost the same as any other night.


~ by Ted R on May 25, 2009.

5 Responses to “145 of 365 for 2009 – Metallic”

  1. Looks like a doped up Sea Urchin Ted, glad you told us, I haven’t been able to get a fireworks shot yet so am jealous. Maybe when I am as old as you it will work.

    • As old as me eh? I am but a young tot born after Gordon Lightfoot was done making his best music.

      Firework shots are a thing of timing and long exposures. A tripod is a must. Out of the fifteen or so shots I took, two were decent and the rest only caught small bursts. Since you are typically far enough away that overexposure is not an issue, set for a 5 second exposure and click a second after you hear a couple mortars fire off, but before they explode.

  2. Wow, stunning! Love the clarity and colors in this!

  3. Wow, it’s so hard to get a good fireworks shot! Neato!

  4. Wonderful! I’m looking forward to an opportunity for some firework shots later this year. I hope I can capture something even close to this spectacular display.

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