130 of 365 for 2009 – Things That Go

Things That Go

One photo op lead to another. I stopped along State Route 6 here in Washington to take a picture of an old barn that is leaning and sure to succumb to gravity sooner rather than later. As I was taking the photos I heard a steam whistle. This didn’t strike me as odd until I got thinking to myself that steam trains are fairly rare around here. As it turns out the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad & Museum gives rides on the weekends and some special events on 1920’s cars pulled by a restored 1916 Baldwin engine.

I didn’t have much time to snap a photo but I got one that was presentable. I just wish I’d given the train room to move within the frame. As it is the front is cut off. Otherwise I like it and I gave it my HDR looking treatment.

This is one time where having a prime lens on the camera can limit the spur of the moment photo ops. I had my 50mm on my camera with no time to switch lenses. Not a big deal but something to keep in mind whilst walking about.


~ by Ted R on May 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “130 of 365 for 2009 – Things That Go”

  1. Love this and the HDR treatment! You didn’t have to tell us the composition was because of your lens, I just assumed you were good and planned it that way – quit telling on yourself! LOL

  2. Wonderful, vintage looking shot. I love the whistle of a steam train…

    More often than not, I have the 50mm on my camera and you’re right, it does sometimes make for missed shots. But, I like your composition – a longer focal length would have made the trainmen less visible and would certainly have meant we wouldn’t have been able to see all the great detail in the engine.

  3. Wow, a great photo and I like the HDR on this shot.

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