108 of 365 for 2009 – Backlighting


I wonder how many themes I can use for sunset photos. I read an article recently that said all photographers go through a phase of sunset photos. I can’t imagine not taking them.

The mountains silhouetted in this shot are the Olympic Mountains (click photo to enlarge for better view). Prominent in this photo are The Brothers peaks on the left, Mt. Jupiter left of center, Mt. Constance in the middle and the gently rolling Mt. Townsend on the far right. I’ve had the pleasure of climbing most of the peaks seen in this photo. I wish I had been into photography back then!

At the very bottom of the photo towards the right third is a ferry boat heading to Bremerton, WA from Seattle.


~ by Ted R on April 19, 2009.

9 Responses to “108 of 365 for 2009 – Backlighting”


  2. Fabulous color – amazing sky!! Wow!

  3. You would need to be a master Artist to try those colours when painting, terrific photo. Ain’t Mother Nature clever.

  4. The colors are outstanding!! Amazing shot.

  5. sunsets are always great to look at. Keep em coming! 🙂

  6. really great colors. very nice sunset shot.

  7. This is very nice. I like the colors, the lines, the different levels of clouds. Yes, very nice.

  8. Bring ’em on. I have dozens of sunsets, too, and will take many more. The colors here are amazing.

  9. Wow! That is a stunner….

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