105 of 365 for 2009 – Warnings


A ball to the head can ruin a perfectly good afternoon at the ballpark.


~ by Ted R on April 17, 2009.

8 Responses to “105 of 365 for 2009 – Warnings”

  1. I’ve seen a ball to the head ruin many a days. One split my friends ear open while she was on the side lines. So scary. I was right next to her when it happened!

  2. Perfect fit for the theme. Ive never taken one to the head, but I certainly had a line drive catch me in the shin! Ouch. That was many years ago. I still have the indentation.

  3. Nice warning, I tend to agree!!

  4. No kidding!!

  5. I just hate it when bats and balls just grow feet and wander off unsupervised, a real concern.

  6. They steal those too?

  7. But if you happen to catch one you’re glowing for the rest of the day! Nice warning shot and rather humorous if you think of them wandering off under their own power.

  8. Keep your head in the game or it’ll be part of it! Nice capture for this theme.

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