75 of 365 for 2009 – Stairs


The lights on these stairs is what drew me to photograph them, it adds interest to the foreground. This is a photo taken at St. Anthony Hospital.


~ by Ted R on March 16, 2009.

13 Responses to “75 of 365 for 2009 – Stairs”

  1. another cool lighting shot – you are good at these! Love how the lights on the stairs lead your eyes to the building!

  2. The lighting overall is impressively handled in the photo, has the appearance of a Theatre not a hospital.

  3. Excellent! The lights just draw you right in and up the stairs.

  4. This is a great photograph. I love how the lights on the steps draw your eyes up to the building.

  5. Such a beautiful hospital lighted steps and all. Great photo.

  6. Very nice HDR.

    • Thanks! But actually, it isn’t an HDR. Cool, huh? I was wondering if someone might think it was. It does have that look but I achieved this in just one exposure using a technique I’ve been playing with the last week or two. Thanks for noticing though, I’ve achieved the desired effect I think.

  7. Beautiful colors and composition. It’s a stunning building and you’ve captured it wonderfully.


  8. Ted-are you going to share the technique?? I have been staring at these for days-not quite HDR, certainly somehow tricked out…back, forth…then I thought-these look like the stuff Bert Monroy does from scratch (no photo-all digitally created)! Hope you’ll consider sharing, maybe back on the PET website. In any case-all three are mesmerizing. I totally enjoy your work.

  9. Ted, in case Carol doesn’t check back in for your response – PET is Photoshop Elements Techniques, the parent to Elements Village. PET being the subscriber site, EV the free forum.

    I, too, would love to see you technique at EV…

  10. I like it that the stairs are lit. But I don’t do stairs. So I’ll leave the comments to others that do. Great shot.

  11. Oops-sorry! I’ve been around a long time, since PET and the forum was the same thing-slips my mind that they are separate entities-sorry:-D
    Thanks, Julie!

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