68 of 365 for 2009 – Spring


The American Goldfinch, one of my favorite backyard birds. Spring is here when these guys show up.

I hope you folks still getting all the snow might be encouraged that Spring is right around the corner.

I must confess this is not a recent photo, the Goldfinches won’t be here until April or so but I just had to post a picture to keep up the spirits that winter is almost over!

UPDATE: We got three inches of snow overnight…. Sigh.


~ by Ted R on March 9, 2009.

8 Responses to “68 of 365 for 2009 – Spring”

  1. Nice picture! I love goldfinches too but we don’t have any here. We got a cold front too but no snow just lots of wind and cold.
    Spring will be here soon

  2. I love the goldfinches. What a crisp, colorful photo! We had an inch or two of snow here, too. Yuck..

  3. Great photo! Love those sunny little birds and their happy chatter. We have more Lesser Goldfinches around here than American Goldfinches, but both are lovely. They’re pigs though – they chow through Niger thistle in no time!

  4. Every year we have a bunch of Goldfinches come through here on their way to someplace else. They stay about two weeks. Our back yard is literally covered with them! They are so tiny and hard to see in the yard except they keep moving about. Lovely sharp photo. He really pops, doesn’t he?

  5. I am envious of people who capture great bird shots. I have never been that fortunate. Very nice photo.

  6. A beautiful shot of good things to come – not long now till he’s back in person!

  7. Nice shot of the goldfinch. They’re such pretty and chattery little visitors at the feeder. Ours are sill a murky green/brown winter color.

  8. Thanks for the inspiration. This is a very bright and cheery photograph. I’m sorry about your snow.

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