66 of 365 for 2009 – Pink


There, I’ve navigated this theme with my masculinity in check. Is it pink enough to qualify?


~ by Ted R on March 7, 2009.

9 Responses to “66 of 365 for 2009 – Pink”

  1. Well it looks a little too orangy to be a true pink. More like salmon or peach. But it’s such a gorgeous photograph that I think you’ll get away with it! Just beautiful!

  2. A VERY masculine pink! You are too funny! These colors are gorgeous! Really nice picture!

  3. Hey guy I never heard of Macho pink, must be a Latin thing, and you keep thinking that way or you will end up on the Wild Turkey and that stuff can Kill YA. Great Rugged Mountain shot! ?Macho Pink?

  4. I like Ron’s name for the shade – Macho Pink! It works for me as a solution for Pink. A beautiful photo too – I’m glad I’m not up there where the snow is blowing.

  5. It is absolutely stunning whatever shade of pink it is!!

  6. Love the Alpine Glow on the old lady! Beautiful! Where were you when you managed to capture this wonderful this shot? On one of the top floors of one of the new high-rise buildings in downtown Seattle? Kinda looks like the mountain on my page, doesn’t it? 😀 Except my photo was taken more or less from the west and from an airliner and looks like yours was taken from the north.

    • I took this shot from the 11th Street Bridge in Tacoma. I’ve been searching for some reliable viewpoints of Mt. Rainier for nights like this. The bridge isn’t the best spot in and around Tacoma, but it is on the path of my walk to where I park, so, it’ll do!

  7. Now Ted, you must become one with the pink…we’ll be satisfied when you create a theme called he-man and it’s a pic of you in a pink shirt 😀

    Beautiful shot-

  8. […] got a little flack for my attempt at the pink theme in this post. So, to lay to rest any notion that I cannot do pink with the best of them, I give you this photo. […]

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