Disabling Those Annoying Popup Preview Bubbles

Don’t like those pop up preview bubbles that appear when you hover over a link? I don’t link them either so I disabled them on my blog, you can too, find out how in WordPress HERE.

I find them extremely annoying and any service they provide is washed out by the annoyance. If I am trying to read something and my mouse wonders while I read I don’t want a silly bubble popping up unannounced. Maybe it is just me.

You can also block this from happening on other peoples websites that have it enabled by modifying your browser. See HERE for Firefox and HERE for Internet Explorer.

OK, back to Photography.


~ by Ted R on March 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Disabling Those Annoying Popup Preview Bubbles”

  1. Could not agree more. Well said!

  2. Thanks Ted! I’ll get that done right away.

  3. Thanks for the tips Ted – I’ll be looking into it further!

  4. Ted, thank you so much for posting this information. I hate those things with a passion and have always had mine disabled. Hopefully, your message will spur others to disable this annoying feature….

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