60 of 365 for 2009 “Patriotic”


A symbol of American Patriotism, the Bald Eagle, the National Bird. Up until today I didn’t have a very good photo of one despite this being the best time of year around here to get some. Even this photo is interrupted by some branches but I love the pose of this bird. He flew away shortly after I took this photo.


~ by Ted R on March 1, 2009.

12 Responses to “60 of 365 for 2009 “Patriotic””

  1. This is a wonderful picture! A couple of friends have spotted an eagle around my parts – I’d be thrilled to get a shot as great as this! Wow!

  2. How perfect for the theme! And look at that face! Gorgeous!

  3. what a beautiful find – beautiful shot!

  4. Great capture Ted … really a fine shot. The tangle of fishing line and sinker are either a testament to the skill and nest building ingenuity of our feathered friends, or the lack of skill and ingenuity of someone fishing under a tree and trying to cast overhand. 😉


    • Wow, I didn’t even notice that, how did I miss that! Were I saw this Eagle was along the Puyallup River where many fisherman gather during the Summer and Fall runs of salmon. Nice catch!

  5. Outstanding! I tried to get a photo of a hawk. I just kept snapping and maybe got one with his head turned in my direction. He kept looking around behind him. There were two that took turns chasing each other out of the trees.

  6. Keep snapping, in flight shots are dramatic with all sorts of eagles.

  7. Gotta be quick and you were!! Great shot.

  8. Regal comes to mind….outstanding!

  9. Stunning shot – he’s so majestic against that blue sky.

  10. His posture is so regal! Lovely bird. Years ago with my old camera I got several photos of Eagles, but since I didn’t have a zoom or a long distance lens they didn’t turn out very well. Great shot.

    P.S. I had to look hard to find the line and sinker too.

  11. Amazing shot!

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