53 of 365 for 2009 “Look Alikes”

"Look Alikes"enlarge

OK, no cheating now, can you see the subject of this photo? Look closely, enlarge if you must (click on image or click “enlarge”). Give up? Click HERE for a closer view.

It is an American Bittern. I very hard bird to find and nearly as hard to photograph. He blends right in!

Yes, if I could, I would probably photograph birds all day long and I have been on a bird streak lately. Humor me. 🙂


~ by Ted R on February 22, 2009.

9 Responses to “53 of 365 for 2009 “Look Alikes””

  1. That is the most exquisitely camouflaged bird I have ever encountered, even enlarged to fill a 24″ Dell monitor that is almost invisible. I bet you couldn’t see it on the LCD, even though you knew it was there. A Birdwatchers dream shot, Well Done – Bet you are proud.

  2. PERFECT for the theme! He really blends well into his surroundings – have never seen one (0r noticed)! Great find!

  3. Fantastic shot!

  4. Wow! You don’t find that one every day! I really had to search for that little one!

  5. What terrific camouflage on that bird! I would never have spotted it among the reeds! Good shot!

  6. That’s one sneaky bird – I had to look very closely to find him. What a great photo!

  7. That’s awesome. How did you ever find him? I had to look at the enlargement a couple of times after I looked at the “here” photo.

  8. Terrific! It’s like playing “Where’s Waldo” with wildlife! Great photo.

  9. What a terrific find and even better that you were able to capture him! Yes, he was a little tricky to find, but I found him right away after I enlarged the photo. Nice shot and grand colors. You ought to be very proud of this little fellow.

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