51 of 365 for 2009 “Navigational Aids”

"Navigational Aids"enlarge

This is a small lighthouse that is out of service at Browns Point Lighthouse Park. This small park can provide some very nice views in good weather and the waves on one side of the point can very drastically in size and intensity from waves on the other side just 40 yards away. I was timing this photo for the container ship going by behind the lighthouse and than this lady walked in front adding a nice foreground touch.

It wasn’t that long ago that a ship would have depended on this lighthouse for navigation. You folks on the east coast need to cherish your lighthouses, we on the west coast don’t have nearly as many nor any quite as grand as some found on the upper east coast.

In the far background is the Olympic Mountains. I’ve summited most of the peaks you can see in this photo. What beautiful country! I am very thankful.


~ by Ted R on February 20, 2009.

9 Responses to “51 of 365 for 2009 “Navigational Aids””

  1. You do live in a gorgeous area! Love everything you have going on – the man walking in the fore ground and the ship in distance – this is really a great shot!

  2. Beautiful spot. I’m drawn to those mountains in the distance…

  3. This is a great photo, a wonderful story and fortuetous interjecting but oh so important with the lighthouse de-commissoned as her walking staff is the only navigational aid visible. She made this a great Photo as did you of course.

  4. Beautifully composed photograph. I do believe this lady’s walking stick qualifies her for this theme as well!!

  5. Admit it, you hired her to walk by just to make the shot! It’s just to perfect! Great colors and juxtaposition of the various navagational aids.

  6. I love the composition, i.e. the walker with his stick, the lighthouse, the ship, the mountains. This should be a painting.

  7. You do indeed live in a fabulous area! I love that you got the ship in the frame and the walker as well. Tells a great story…

  8. (sigh!) Oh to be back up there again! Your photos make me soooooo homesick. Love the way the Olympic Range just sits right up there to brighten the photo – as if it needed brightened. 😀

    Great shot. Fabulous colors and composition.

  9. Another great one, Ted. I think you nailed the theme on all levels. Great DOF on this as well.

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