50 of 365 for 2009 “Magical or Mystical”

"Magical or Mystical"enlarge

Yeah, 50 photos!

I knew pretty much the first time that I read the photo theme list that I would use this theme for a photo of an owl. The only issue would be getting a good picture of an owl, today I got one. Owls are so mysterious and quiet that this theme seems well suited for this photo.

I captured this photo today on a long lunch break. This is a Barred Owl and they are usually nocturnal (not all owls are). They occasionally hunt during the day if they don’t get enough food at night. I may have woken this one up with my owl imitation though. I got a male and female to respond to my hoot but I wasn’t able to spot either of them for quite a while. I was on my way out of the ravine of this park, admitting defeat, when one flew down the hill and perched on this branch. He was accommodating enough to let me get close for a good photo.

I love owls and have become bit of an obsessed owler. What isn’t to like about these mysterious creatures?



~ by Ted R on February 19, 2009.

12 Responses to “50 of 365 for 2009 “Magical or Mystical””

  1. WOW, a wonderful catch so clear and detailed and it looks like he is posing for you! I also enjoyed all of your other owls on flickr!

  2. A gorgeous picture of the owl – who indeed looks mystical. I wish I could have been there to hear your owl hoot! 😉

  3. Great Photo, most Kiwis (New Zealand Maoris) would call that a Mopoke and tremble, as they believe to see one means a death.

  4. Fabulous! Vital to enlarge. Mystical indeed, can you always call them or just this time of year?

  5. How wonderful – so perfect the way he’s looking back at the viewer. He must have been quite taken with you and your hooting.

  6. Ellen: If you have a good owl imitation you can often get a response any time of year, more so at night than in daylight. This time of year these particular owls are starting to nest, some already have. As a result, they are very sensitive to intruders so a good hoot will get them chatting. That is, until they determine you aren’t an owl. On this particular trip they figured me out pretty fast, which made it hard for me to find them.

  7. Great picture, Ted!

  8. Terrific shot!

  9. Incredible shot!! The detail is amazing.

  10. What a beautiful (and mystical) bird! Your shot is simply amazing…

  11. Wow-what a great capture for the theme. Yes, owls are rather magical.

  12. he’s stunning!

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