44 of 365 for 2009 “Communication”


This coach plead his case and lost. I don’t think the ref said one word in the 30 seconds these two talked. In fact, I don’t think that referee was really even there during this conversation. He just had that blank look on his face. I wonder what he was thinking about? The big screen TV at home in the front of which he would rather be sitting?

This three day weekend (here in the States, Monday is Presidents day) should yield some good photo ops and the weather is supposed to be decent, at least not much in the way of rain.


~ by Ted R on February 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “44 of 365 for 2009 “Communication””

  1. I wonder if he is listening? Great image for theme!

  2. Classic. I love it. Nice indoor shot, too. You must have a really fast lens! Gym lighting is pretty awful, in my experience. Or maybe it’s just our gym…

    • Mike, my lens isn’t that fast, F5.4 at 250mm, but this particular gym was fairly well lit. I also shot at ISO 800, about as high as I can go without noise becoming a real problem (still evident in this photo but acceptable for production on the net). It was the gym at Pacific Lutheran University.

      Those high ISO cameras sure look nice! 6400 is nuts.

  3. Reminds me of when I was in the Army and an Officer quietly called to me and I replied “You Yelled Sir?” puzzled he stated “I didn’t Yell!” so I explained “If your not yelling Sir, we just aren’t communicating!” We became friends.

  4. Funny explanation to go with the shot. Love that zoned out look on the ref’s face…

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