34 of 365 for 2009 “Clocks”


I am not sure why the clocks differ in the time they tell, it must be the time in another part of the world that is significant to this building or the city (Tacoma, WA). I’ve been meaning to look into this before, since I’ve noticed this tower in the past, it is just down the street from where I work.

Taking photos nearly everyday has made me much more observant than I used to be.


~ by Ted R on February 4, 2009.

12 Responses to “34 of 365 for 2009 “Clocks””

  1. such lovely detail! sturdy and delicate at the same time…as for the different times, maybe it’s the time of a “sister city” or something?

  2. Or maybe one of the clocks just isn’t working. The difference in time is 7 hrs and 15 minutes — doesn’t sound like a time zone thing.

    Beautiful detail on that clock tower!

  3. Wow, stunning – I love this in black and white and especially love all the detail – really nice work!!

  4. I love everything about this image! The clock tower is so full of interesting details and you captured it all. The B&W is excellent for this one.

  5. This is a great B/W picture. I love architectural detail so it really appeals to me

  6. Very nice shot. I like how the tower fills the frame.

  7. this is pretty cool for architecture too! you’ll have to tell us why the clock is different that is very interesting

  8. The tower is wonderful and you’ve captured the detail so well. I think they need to get the clock repairman out… 😉

  9. Great B&W, perfect for this. So much detail as well.

  10. This is a lovely shot! Well done! But, one of the clocks has to be broken because, if even it shows the time somewhere else, the minute should be the same. Whatever, it’s still a great shot!

  11. Absolutely beautiful shot….great idea to use b & w. The detail
    of the tower is amazing!

  12. Beautiful B&W photo. Great detail.

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