22 of 365 for 2009 “Feathered or Feathers”

"Feathered or Feathers"enlarge photo for better view

This is a Dark-eyed Junco who cooperated quite well while I took this shot. A few snow flakes fell in between the bird and my lens on this shot that you can see as a cloudy spot on the birds shoulder and towards its head. Knowing that adds a little to the photo I think but I wish I had one without as well. Take a look at the bigger version by clicking on the image, you can see a little snow flake on the wing of the Junco. Since it snowed all morning there wasn’t much hope of getting one without a flake between me and the Junco, I tried, and after about twenty shots the Junco flew away having performed quite well as a bird model.

I like this photo a lot, I wonder what the bird was thinking just then? Do birds think? Was it simply determining how he was going to get back on to that busy feeder and shove his way in for some food? Or was he simply taking a break and enjoying the snow like I was. Perhaps he was aware of my presence and simply allowed himself to be photographed. I’ll never know but I enjoy wondering.


~ by Ted R on January 27, 2009.

14 Responses to “22 of 365 for 2009 “Feathered or Feathers””

  1. He must have been cold to sit still long enough for you to get such a superb shot, that is fantastic!

  2. The Bird Thinker. It’s fantastic.

  3. The snow adds to the mood. The junco looks great and the snow on the branches looks great as well!

  4. I have never seen one of these – beautiful and soft image!

  5. this shot seems perfect to me! I love the snowflakes on the bird and branch and gently falling! Wow!

  6. Beautiful shot! He does look like he’s daydreaming…maybe thinking about springtime?

  7. This photo is spectacular when enlarged. I lovee the snow on the branch and the color of the bird.

  8. Beautifully composed shot. He definitely was thinking about something.

  9. This is a wonderful shot! How could you ask for a better model. I love it with the snow — it adds to the picture.

  10. It’s a beautiful photograph! I think he was wondering who is that guy, out in the snow, taking my photo! LOL The juncos we have here are black & gray.

  11. I love the solidarity in this photo – the composition is stunning

  12. I’d love to know what lens you used and how close you were. I love birds…I have 2 feeders close to the house and I use a 75-300 lens and am lucky to get a few good shots.

  13. My longest lens is 250mm. That isn’t far enough for typical bird photography. I’d love the 500mm Canon prime lens but that is a bit out of my budget at the moment. I have had the chance to get some good bird photos though since I’ve practiced what is called by birders as stand still birding. As easy as it sounds, stand still for a while and the birds will get comfortable and get close, especially if you are near a feeder. This works though too at parks and other birding spots, stand still and let the birds get used to you and they tend to resume their normal activity.

    I am considering renting a 100mm-400mm lens from lensrental.com. For $70 you can rent it for a week. I’ll get a chance for a weeks worth of shooting with a nice lens and I’ll know whether that lens will work for me if I decide to buy it in the future ($1300).

    I hope all that helps.

  14. What a wonderful photo. Yes, i agree, you just can’t help but wonder what this little bird is thinking. Glad he has a generous source of food to help keep him warm.

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