12 of 365 for 2009 “Flare”


Lens flare that is, though it seems a little better once I converted from RAW to JPG. I didn’t try to take it out in post. Tonight I took probably 100 photos at this location (Alder Lake, WA) and hope to find a few good ones. What is frustrating is that on the LCD at the lake a lot of the photos looked great, good color, good exposure. Now that I am looking at them in PSE they are over exposed and the color suffers accordingly. I’ll have to adjust exposure in many of them to get them where they should be. Sometimes the LCD display just flat out lies to me!

It was a nice day in our part of Washington State today and I really needed an afternoon outside in the sun. It was a cool 38 degrees or so at sunset and was a nice crisp, sunny winter day.


~ by Ted R on January 18, 2009.

12 Responses to “12 of 365 for 2009 “Flare””

  1. I only use the LCD for histogram then take home what I have got, and hope like you did to get some keepers, well done

  2. It may not be what you were expecting, but it’s a beautiful image!

  3. Even if you this is over exposed, I think it is gorgeous! The yellow and the reflections are stunning!

  4. Beautiful sunset! I love the twilight blue of the sky and the golden reflections on the lake. Great shot!

  5. Stunning image, Ted. The colors complement each other so well. It looks like you enjoyed a magical time that evening.

    btw…I’m not detecting any lens flare in the image, at this size anyway.

  6. Glad to hear that W. WA State is returning more or less to normal. I spent most of my life in WA State, between Seattle, King /Snohomish Counties, Leavenworth and Spokane.

    You may have, according to you, overexposed your image; yet here it looks terrific.

  7. This is extremely beautiful. The color contrast is great.

  8. Great color and framing Ted. Looks like it was nice over here. We just drove back from Eastern WA…nice weekend over there, too. But COLD!

  9. Ted I think the image is wonderful. The colors, the content and contrast…. Great job.

  10. Colours are just stunning and love the mirror imaging.

  11. beautiful ! 🙂

  12. Stunning light in this one – and it looks abstract, too. I almost thought it was the audio track in my video editor.

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