7 of 365 for 2009 “Wet”

You may have heard about the record rain and flooding we are experiencing in Western Washington State. Here are a few photos to show just how wet we are. My property is above the valleys in which the rivers have flooded, but you can’t go more than a few miles around here without witnessing major river flooding. Right now, Western Washington is mostly cutoff from the world other than by air and sea. Our two major interstates, I-5 and I-90 are both blocked, I-5 by water and I-90 by avalanches. It has been quite the winter for us, one we haven’t ever seen. First record snow then record flooding.


"More Wet"


~ by Ted R on January 8, 2009.

17 Responses to “7 of 365 for 2009 “Wet””

  1. It has obviously been raining “Cats and Dogs” Nind you don’t step in a Poodle.

  2. Wow, you are under water! I am just watching your weather on the Today Show – yech!! Nice picture showing the flooding though!

  3. Great photos of really bad circumstances. They first one of the car really gets the point across. Stay safe, Ted!

  4. Doesn’t get much wetter. I like the hydrant photo a lot.

  5. Yup, guess that covers the wet theme!

  6. I hope there was good insurance in place.

  7. Ohh I hope that isn’t your car..this is what I call a very bad day!!

  8. I hope things improve rapidly. Great photo but also sad and scary.

  9. Wow, you definitely captured “wet”. I’m so sorry that your area is experiencing such devastation. I love your picture of the car. It speaks volumes.

  10. Yeah, we’re on the WET Coast too. Crazy weather we’ve been having. Just found your blog today and love all your photographs…have added you to my list so I can check back regularly!

  11. I didn’t realize that the floods were so bad where you live. The photos say it all. The one with the car is very good.

  12. Oh my! Incredible! Great photos!

  13. How awful! I can’t even imagine the clean-up required after flooding like this. Thanks for showing us what you’re facing out there…

  14. Wow is all I can say really wet out. I used to live in Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island when I worked with the Navy.

  15. Wow – glad you are OK.

  16. My family moved from Texas to Seattle when I was 14. I lived in King County/Snohomish County for about 40 years before moving.But from what I hear, the recent record snowfall and then record rainfall has made it worse than anything I ever witnessed. Good chronicle of the flood.
    Living in the South now, I get very very homesick for Seattle and Spokane.

  17. Pretty amazing week in these parts wasn’t it, Ted? Here’s a scene from the Snohomish Valley, taken a week ago or so. Like you, we’re on high ground, but not far from scenes like this…


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