Michael Vick, dogs, abortion and whales

So, Michael Vick is in trouble for fighting dogs. I really am having trouble understanding the outrage so many people are expressing. “It is a horrible crime”, I’ve heard that many times. Seriously? Horrible? Like the same kind of horrible that is baby killing? Oh, wait, that isn’t illegal…

Reminds me of the people crying about the whales the Makah Indian Tribe killed a few years ago during their revived whale hunting tradition. Crying over dead whales but they have no problem sticking a needle in a baby and poisoning it? Really?

Anyone else struck, like I have been, by this manufactured outrage over animals while we slaughter ourselves without shedding a tear? What about the innocents killed in so many devastated wombs? Do they not get any tears? They have mine.


~ by Ted R on August 17, 2007.

One Response to “Michael Vick, dogs, abortion and whales”

  1. You’ve got it right. What are the charges?

    1) Gruesome
    2) Dog is helpless
    3) Heartless
    4) Unwanteed
    5) Discarded

    They all fit abortion to a T. Yet, even in the sports talk world where you’ll hear almost anything, I’ve not heard one reference to the million plus babies who get sucked out of their mothers womb limb by limb. What is worse, it is a billion dollar industry.

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